Hey, I'm Ryan and I have voices in my head. David was gracious enough to let me have my own little part of the internet, and the fact that the guys at the institution said that I could get out a few days earlier if I do this. SEND HELP!!!!! Please send me mail, cookies if you have them. Now, the voices in my head can get a little confusing, especially when they argue, which is virtually all of the time, so I've made a handy little referrence and gave them each their own "personal space" (People at the institution like using that phrase a lot, now i know why. It's fun! Try it.) I've been told that I am special because all my little friends have their own mental disorders, so don't be frightened, they just want love . Click on them, you know you want to!

Enrigue Haseintoro Gunter Schthmall "Bobby"
Strawberry "The Rick" "Pieman"
Ghost of John Cleese Vlad Milnemisevindivich