The Woodpecker
by Zack Boudreaux

A wood pecker was pecking on a cypress tree on the Atchagalya River looking for grubs. He was having a hard time getting through the bark when he said "Man it is sure hard to break the bark on these trees." Another woodpecker overhard him and said "In California there are redwood trees and you can get through the bark really fast."
The woodpecker took the trip to California and tried one of the redwoods. He was through the bark really fast, just like the other woodpecker said. Another woodpecker, native to California, saw this and went to see the woodpecker going through the redwoods. The Californian woodpecker said "Man, how can you do that, I can't even do that." Well, the Louisianian woodpecker thought for a minute and said "Well maybe if you came to Louisiana you could do this on our cypress trees." So they came back to Louisiana and sure enough, the Californian woodpecker went through those trees extremely fast.
Moral of the story- take a trip and your pecker gets hard.