My Guitar

OK I play guitar. I've been playing for quite a few years now. It's my favorit thing to do cause I can't get kicked out of it. I have a tendancy to get kicked out of things. But the music I make is mine and noone can take it away from me. I'm in a band. Actually two bands. One is Halifax with me and my friend Zack in it. My other band doesn't have a name just yet but we're workin on it. After we get a name and stuff I'll be trying to make a page for them.

My favorite type of music is metal or hard rock, whatever you wanna call it. Metallica and Limp Bizkit are my favorite bands. I'm pretty flexible on what I'll listen to. If it sounds cool I like it. I play on an Ibanez GAX 70. It's transparent butterscotch. I might not be the most professional guitar ever made but i love the sound and controls of it. It's a beutiful thing. I play on Crate Amps. I love DOD pedals and the Line6 POD. I should be adding in a few links to different sites that have had a role in my playing.