Here is a brief runthrough of all the sections I have here on my page and what they do.

About MeThis pretty much explains itself. It's about my childhood and growing up.
Pet PeivesThis link contains info on how to stay on my good side and all the things that bug me.
AwardsThis section is where i list ll of the awards my site wins and I will be posting a list of places that give out page awards.
Ref PageLearn about what goes on in a referee's mind and how to get on their good side and how to get kicked out of a game.
HockeyGet full coverage on my hockey league and learn my thoughts on why hockey is the greatest sport on Earth.
LinksMy list of great sites on the WWW. Email me any links you want posted.
What's NewFind out all the new things I plan on doing with this page and all the new things going on in my comunity.
FAQ'sFrequently asked questions from my friends and my loyal viewers.
ViwersThis section is dedicated to you my loyal viewers. Email me anything you want to see posted on the www. This is my most important section.
Hockey ResumeFind out about my career as a hockey player. This page will be updated as I get better and hopefully turn pro.
Louis DumontLouis DUmont is my Favorite hockey player. This link is dedicated to him. I listed all of his stats on this section. Not only is he my fav player is also one of my good friends, I will also be updating you on his stats and anything interesting about him.
Reasons You Should E-Mail Me

1: I like E-Mail.

2: It's the only way that I can keep you informed.

3: I'm pathetic and none of my friends E-Mail me.

4: I'm begging you.

5: Please don't make me grovel.