It could just be me, and mistake me if I'm wrong, but It seems to me that hockey brings out the best in everyone. It's not every sport that has a moto like "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out." And it could just be Lafayette but everytime there's a hockey game a party isn't far behind. Whether it is the normal victory celebration or just a friendly riot outside of the arena everyone seems to have a good time. Even the mascots get into the act. Of course I'm talking about our mascot, the ever loving Alphonse the Alligator who could take on any other mascot in the league, namely the Mobile Mysticks mascot, Puck the Mystical Dragon. Not every mascot can fall on their face while running out onto the rink with the same pizzaz as Alphonse. Anyhow, hockey just has a way of taking two enimies and making them hate each other even more

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