Ahhh, school. The wonderfully majic time in every kid's life where he gets to be with his friends and learn. I go to Lafayette High School. It's a way better school than...ohhh let's say, Comeaux? LHS is the home of the Mighty Lions, fancy eh? We have "the bomb" mascot, "Mighty The Lion". Personally I worship the ground Mighty walks on, but that's just me. My favorite class is French III. It rules!!! Mrs. Clark is the bomb, and I should know I've had her for two years. French is a social hour for me and my friends, my grades will reflect that. My least favorite class is English. It's not that I hate the subject, I hate the building. That building makes me nervous. Especially the second floor, I hate English.

This is what my schedule looks like:

Subject Teacher Geometry I (H) Mr. Anderson English II (H) Mrs. Thibodeaux French III Mrs. Clark!!! Lunch 1st Lunch Civics/Free Enterprise Mr. Espinoza Physical Education Coach Brown Biology I Mrs. Walz

I've also decided to put the Lafayette Parish SchoolBoard Handbook onto the internet. So if you have a question about the dresscode you can look it up because I really don't wanna hear about. Face it, you look stupid in baggy jeans anyway. So read the handbook. It's life, deal with it.