My List of People

1. The lady who gave me my shots.
2. Anyone who smokes in the bathrooms, that's really annoying.
3. People who give me "The Look".
4. Doug Dalmy.
5. The people on the board at the HockeyPlex.
6. My doctor who tried to take advantage of me.
7. Anyone of the many people on my soccer team.
7. You?

People I'll Remember When I'm Famous

1. Mari Dorn-Lopez, and the entire family there of
2. Michelle Oge
3. Matt Turland
4. Matt Barras
5. Zack Boudreaux
6. Brienne Borle
7. Dana Sober
8. Natalie Teriot
9. Dr. Drew and Adam (gods among men)
10. Ryan Groh
11. Ian Says
12. Brant "The Real Deal" Jackson, and Matt Grisom
13. People I email regularly (I don't know yer names)
14. My familly
15. The Borle Familly
16. Megan Dafford (because she threatened me)
17. Ashley Thibodeaux
18. Ashley LeMaire
19. Chris Allen and Luis Caranza 20. Abbie LeMaire, Tiffany Dooley, and Ashley Rourke

Now if your on this first list, watch out because when I'm supreme overloard you're in for it. If yer on the second list you can relax, you won't be sent to the firey pit of death. Have a nice day. :)