Things I Hate

A lot of things USED TO annoy me,but now I'm a relaxed person, and not much bothers me. But if you wanna know what used to bug me, read on... If you want to know what really bugs me you're in the right place.

Something that annoys me is people who spontaniously walk up to me and punch me in the face....I know this might SOUND like something fun, but it really gets agravating after a while. I mean, there I am minding my own business and some guy walks up and starts bootin up on what am I supposed to do?? Of course after he punches me I'm gonna deck him.

I also hate people who spontaniously IM you and threaten to kill you. We won't name any names...we'll just call him Psyco Stalker guy. Even though you're only joking, you scare the shi* out of people, and that's just wrong. Someone needs to break your face.

Why is it that every time I go to a movie the TALLEST person in the world has to sit right in front of me? If you only knew how annoying that is.

Thanks for listening to my complaints, and if you're one of those people who annoy me stop it. If you're not thanks for not bugging me.

Things I Like

Ok, now that you know what gets on my nerves, it's time for things that I like. I'll start with favorite thing to guitar. Actually playing guitar isn't my FAVORITE thing to do...I mean, I could come up with a lot more fun things to do besides playing guitar...but guitar is the best thing to do with my two best guy friends. As I said in my About me section, and if you ever call me on the phone you'll know what I mean...I practice guitar a lot. I don't mean 30 minutes a lot...I'm talkin about 5 to 6 hours at one sitting a lot...and there could be more than one sitting per day.

I also like it when people go when the light turns green. I hate it when you sit at a light for 5 minutes then when it turns green the people in front of you don't know the light is green so they just sit there until it turns yellow then they go and you are stuck at the light for the next 5 minutes.

That's all I can really think about right now, I'll add more stuff when I can think of it.

people know what bugs me.