Full Name: Hugh G. Rection

Nicknames: SmallNa*z, Falcon, and some people call me Nick

Birthdate: 6/8/79

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Hair color: Purple at night

Eye Color: no

Height: doorknobs are yummy

Weight: i'm tired of waiting...i want s** now!

Siblings & Their Ages: i have 2 feet... one is named Binky and the other is named Herman.

Location: My house, Uranus

School: sux

Best Friends: cheese

Person You Dislike The Most: My ****.. they fuss at me alot

Pets & Their Names: same as above

Things you like to do in your spare time: well.... i like to burp and snort pencil shavings

Things You Collect: heh... pictures

Best Advice Ever Given: don't become a hockey ref...it's boring

Words Or Phrases You Overuse:  "don't become a hockey ref..it's boring"

A Non-Sport Game Which You Enjoy: hockey

Coolest Experience In Life: getting laid by 3 chix at once!  (ha...i lied)

Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done: getting laid by 3 guyz at once! (ha...i lied again)

Fave Thing to Do Inside:  hehehe...well...ya know....

Fave Thing To Do Outside:  same as above

Special Skills Or Talents: once again, same as above

Character Traits You Look For In A Guy/Girl:  i like guys with big ****s... and chix with *** rulz

Future Job: hockey ref

Fave Music:  trendy rock

Fave Color:  table

Fave Food:  blue

Least Fave Food:  squash with zuccinni bits smothered in a delightful cheese sauce with blended herbs and spices... add salt and pepper to taste

Fave Vacationing Spot:  Uranus

Fave Sport:  Women's Golf

Fave Group/Singer:  Michael Bolton

Fave Book:  Play G***

Fave Cartoon Character:  Charlie Brown's dog..i don't remember his name

Fave Actor/Actress:  those guys from Boogie Nights

Fave Movies: Mulan

Fave TV Show:  Wheel of Fortune

Fave Day:  poptarts

Fave Month:  today

Fave Holiday:  staple-gun

Fave Store:  Big Larry's House of "Stuff"

First of all , how old are you?  mentally or physically?  the answer to both is 5

Do you believe in reincarnation?  i believe people are reincarnated.

If you could be one animal what would it be? I would be a purty kitty

If you could meet one person who would it be?  Kenny G...cuz he's da bomb

Do you eat anchovies?  anchovies make really kool toys :)

Do you think of yourself as a "Greek God"?  only whenever my dorm mates ask me to put on my toga and do a striptease

Which is the best invention: Post-Its or bread?  bread

If you could go to one country which would it be?  Uranus

If you could change one event in your lifetime which would it be?  puberty

if you could streak infront of someone's house who's would it be? my mom's

Do you consider yourself to be the "Ding-Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line"?  i like ding dongs :)

If you had to get on a stag, would you rather swing or ball room dance?  huh huh..stag

If they were to build a statue of you, how tall would it be? if it was actual size...i'd say about 2 inches

If you could dye your hair what colour would you dye it?  Green

If you could live next door to anyone, who would it be?  some cute guy

Would you rather be deaf, blind or mute? i'd rather be ambidextrous

If you found out your best friend was "happier than most", what would you do? i'd say "welcome to the club"

Do you consider yourself a good listener? what'd you say?

Do you consider yourself a good talker? yes..i can talk while doing other things

Would you rather be short or tall?  both

Would you rather be Crazy and rich, or normal and poor? crazy and poor

Would you saw your looks are: good, ok, great, or "I walk around with a bag over my head"?  Bag Over my head.

Do you like to get "jiggy wit it"?  all the time

Would you ask someone out the first time you saw them?  microphone

Do you talk on the phone in excess to 3 hours a day? 1-900-H**-****

If an a random person on the street asked you fer an article of clothing, which would you give them? (socks and/or shoes don't count)  my pants

Would you rather go on a walk your best boy friend or best girl friend?  i have everything i need right here baby

What is your dream honeymoon place?  Uranus

Who do you think has it worse, girls or boys?  amputated boys

If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do? the same as always..just more often

What is your favorite name brand shoe?  Levi's

If you could change your name, what would it be?  Richard

If you were in a theatre and the people next to you were making out, what would you do?  find a cute old 78-year old guy and make out with him

Have you ever thought you were going to die, from eating green jello? i don't "eat" green jello...it's far more useful in other ways

Whats the hardest thing about growing up?  not going through puberty

Whats the weirdest thing you have done on a dare?  not go through puberty

Have you ever gone skinny dipping?  all the time... guys like that

Would you eat a bowl of live crickets for  $40,000?  yeah...but i'd also do a lil ****y s**** for $5 bux

If you could do ANYTHING you wanted, what would it be?  the $5 thing

Whats your worst fear?  easter bunnies... lots and lots of easter bunnies

Whats the best trick you played on someone?  the $5 bux thing without their permission

Do you sleep with stuffed animals?  no..i prefer to stuff them myself

Have you ever felt you were in love?  i just said i have stuffed animals, didn't i?

Do you want to fall in love?  stuffed animals again

Do you eat lima beans? no.. i prefer to smear them all over my body and wear native american costumes whenever i goto the mall

Do you like Clint Eastwood?  he's cute

Do you like to watch movies with Clint Eastwood in them? yeah...especially the naked ones where he's covered with lima beans

Do you eat lima beans while watching movies?  only during clint eastwood movies

Do you eat lima beans while watchin Clint Eastwood movies?  no

Would you star in a movie with Clint Eastwood eating lima beans?  yes

If you were stranded on a deserted island with one single person who would you want to be with you?    David Hebert.... he's a hottie

NOTE: Nick is one of my "happier" friends and the "*"s means that is a word I had to cencor due to the fact I could get my web page revoked for haveing sch words on here. And I have Familly who looks at these pages.

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