Referee Page

This is my page about my experiences while being a ref. I started refing about a year ago. It started out as me trying to get more rink time so I could improve my skating (not that it wasn't good already). I started to ref with a few of my friends and we only got about 2 games a week. All of my friends droped out of the referee association, but I kept refing. I'm glad I did.

You make a lot of friends while refing, and you also make a lot of enemies. Because I'm only 15 most coaches think that they can boss me around. If you know me you know that I don't take that. When a coach insults a referee you give them 2 minutes (unsportsmanlike conduct), but if they keep insulting you you throw them out of the game, something I'm known to do.

Apart from the few incidents I've run into while refing it was a pretty good acticity to do on the weekends, and the fact that you get paid for it doesn't hurt. As I said you make many friends while refing. Some of the friends I've made include Joe Guidry, Hank David, Nick Istre, Mike Labiche, Rondel Alborado, and a few other people who I can't remember their names. We've come to the end of this page. I hope you've learned something, and if you didn't just remember this, Refs ALWAYS know where you live.

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